The COVID -19 pandemic has adversely affected the US- Canada border, which serves as a major economic engine, and supports over $1.7 billion (in USD) in trade. Both countries are exercising precautions, which restrict all non-essential travels across the border. “Non-essential” travels include travels meant for the purpose of recreational activities or tourism.

In lieu of the safety of people, people are encouraged to avoid contact with others as much as possible. Nationals of both the USA and Canada cross the US-Canada border daily to fulfill essential work, or for other urgent reasons. Such travels, including services like trucking, would not be impacted by the decision as supply chains ensure essential products like food, fuel, and life-saving medicines.

As per the United States and Canada, it is very important for both countries to keep their supply chain preserved between both the countries. This supply chain is critical to ensure that food, fuel, and life-saving medicines reach people on both sides of the border.

This decision will be put into effect starting March 21, 2020, for a time period of 30 days. Upon the completion of the period, the decision will be reviewed again by both the countries.

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